Akademie der Klassik Salzburg

© Hardy Brackmann

Joanna Kamenarska – Violin:

As our soloist and guest concertmaster, her soulful violin playing exposes a dynamic fantasy which is musically fresh and modern—almost timeless. With a sense of proportions and strains, her proficiency in the violin is technically brilliant. Concertmaster at the Hamburg Philharmonic.

Daniela Beer – Violin:

Our guest concertmaster of the ensemble provides enthralling enthusiasm and ideas with her extraordinary musical talent. Member of the Mozarteum Orchestra Salzburg.

Florian Beer– Violin:

As an experienced chamber musician, his technically perfect playing lends stability and support to the other musicians.

Raphael Brunner – Violin:

Through his intelligent playing, the music speaks for itself.

Sabine Ebner – Violin:

A musician par excellence—the naturalness and experience of her playing proves invaluable when performing together.

Johanna Frandl – Violin, Viola:

With her modest style, our “all-rounder” plays the violin and viola at the highest level.

Balázs Moldiz – Violin:

As a standing violinist, the ensemble’s smartest improviser can lead and guide the chamber orchestra.

Claudia Kugi – Violin:

A brilliant violinist and serious, well-versed musician. Member of the Mozarteum Orchestra Salzburg.

Zoltán Laluska – Violin:

With his honest and outstanding playing, he ensures pure motivation and well-being when making music together.

Romana Rauscher – Violin:

She is our knowledgeable and grandiose team player and project leader who possesses years of experience in playing with orchestras such as the Mozarteum Orchestra Salzburg.

Szilvia Sebestyén – Violin:

Our heart and soul is an irreplaceable member of the ensemble who has both an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and a strong will.

Wook-Wha Chun – Violin:

He not only knows but can do everything with the greatest concentration. Former member of the Tonkunstler Orchestra in Vienna.

Eva Geise – Viola:

The musical “soul” of the ensemble is a true master of the communicative and articulate instrumental performance.

Jutas Jávorka – Viola:

With his precise technique and honest attitude, he is an integral member of the team who does not shy away from difficult tasks.

Eva Sollak – Viola:

Our passionate “Wiener Blut” is a musician who plays at the highest level . Member of the Mozarteum Orchestra Salzburg.

Tibor Bényi – Violoncello:

Academy director. As the musical guide and architect of our style of playing, he leads the ensemble with the deepest possible commitment.

Viktória Szakács – Violoncello:

Always equipped with a positive attitude and the will to invest all her energy in order to achieve her aims, she possesses the ability to combine her cello-playing with the interpretation of the piece.

Sebestyén Ludmány – Violoncello:

His instrumental performances are characterized by his excellent technique and beautiful sound, which by extension incorporates a wide range of singing.

Anna Gruchmann – Double Bass:

She is our greatest talent with a wonderfully smooth sound of the highest musicality. She also performs with the Vienna Philharmonic.

Christian Junger – Double Bass:

Through his time in Vienna as an orchestral musician and his full membership of the Camerata Salzburg, his playing unites the greatest of Austrian traditions.

Wolfgang Spitzer – Double Bass:

He plays chamber and orchestral music with incredible routine and aplomb, and has also been a member of the Mozarteum Orchestra Salzburg for many years.

Jeanpierre Faber – Piano:

The greatest musicians of our time have chosen him as a musical collaborator or chamber music partner. His incredible routine is supported by his love and understanding of music. He teaches at the Mozarteum University Salzburg.

Viktória Bényi – Piano:

She was born to be a chamber musician. As an in demand concert pianist, song accompanist, and singing répétiteur, she can make her piano sing with the greatest perfection.